Welcome to Intellisense Solutions. Our web portal is the easiest way for you to buy and sell specialty food and products through the internet. We connect individuals and companies who want to buy and sell the different variants of products through our website and our proprietary associated software. Buyers can conveniently browse through our web portal, and directly connect to a seller before buying the product.
There is inconsistency in the current market concerning a legitimate form of trust-based qualification system based on the ingredients used in food products.
Trust is also a major issue with regard to specific market. Most vegetarians, and other niche-cuisine communities, are intuitively suspicious of unknown substances in their food. This limits them to buy within a small selection of food which they are sure fit their eating customs. The same is true for other communities such as Muslims who buy Halal products and Jews who buy Kosher products. To overcome the lack of Trust, we plan to certify different products.