Our company is focused on the development of portals to allow companies and individuals to engage in the purchase and sales of products over the internet. We are focusing on three markets:

1. The vegetarian food market and its variants

2. The Kosher food market

3. The Halal food market

We are initially focusing on the vegetarian market as we see this as a rapidly growing market with little or no competition present for a service like ours. We are developing a series of certifications for different types of vegetarian food (such as Ovo-lacto, Lacto, Ovo, Vegan, etc.) and train a number of organizations or individuals who are authorized to issue such certificates. We will charge such organizations and individuals a one time and yearly fees.

Our portals will allow registered producers to advertise their products for a small fee. Prospective buyers (most likely distributors or retailers) are able to browse our web site for vegetarian products, register and communicate with the vendor and further enquire about the products. Producers may highlight their products to the customers by becoming certified (by us) as producers of authentic vegetarian products. A Certified producer is able to include our certificates on their products. Another method of highlighting their products is by paying us a fee to insure that their products are displayed in a distinctive manner and ahead of non-paid postings.